Spotify Video Podcast – A Sneak Peek at Newest Feature

With time, Spotify is introducing new features, and Spotify Video Podcast is one of them. With the addition of this feature now, users can share video podcasts. Before, podcasts could only be shared with audio, but now you can expand your reach with the help of Spotify video podcasts.

spotify video podcast

But as we know, storytelling techniques and technologies are constantly evolving to make it easy to serve and approach people. Our main aim is to approach new audience across the world and use different methods and mediums that most people prefer. Spotify got a huge response in video podcasts and you have told us that you prefer to see more of our latest news and information in the video format.

As a result, we have made a new weekly video podcast, which is “Hits the Spot”.

In this, we have discuss latest news about Spotify and also discuss developments about the application with the host guests from the Spotify development team and studio at New York headquarters. We dig into their experiences and data about how it is changing the shape of their lives through music, streaming, and trends on Spotify.

For the show, the team of Spotify has created a dynamic visual identity and a new studio that works like a friendly collaborative space where people from different places meet and share their ideas and experiences. As you know, our season has just started but we have already inspired our users with unique insight and inspired some fresh stories told to host Lea Palmieri.

What’s New in Spotify Video Podcast?

It is a Digital Newsroom of Spotify that share the latest news and insight about the latest music, trends podcasts, and their platform. It also covers the news about artists and cultural moments from all over the world.

For the Record, Hit the Spot is the most popular place where you can access various types of information about all the news and information about the Spotify app that will help us to get in touch with the team of Spotify directly.

You can explore the new Glimpse of how our team created the “Hit the Spot” studio where we can meet and show our creative ideas about new developments in the app.


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