Spotify Wrapped 2023: Here’s what to expect

Spotify Wrapped 2023 updates are announced by the music streaming platform. Spotify has come up with a new way to show gratitude to fans if you are an artist and make some bucks along the way. Now is the time to make dedicated videos for hardcore fans, set up discounts on your merch, and get ready for the great merch surge.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 spotify app

Excited about the Holiday season, we are also but the one thing we are most intrigued about is the Spotify Wrapped 2023. It is pleasing to see the music you have listened to, the artists you have followed, and basically the listening habits we have followed throughout the year presented back to us in a very aesthetic and beautiful way. Nothing is sweeter than one’s most go-to track of the year. This holiday season, inspire your friends for free by disseminating your incredible taste in music on social media for months.

Artists also involved much more than before in the coming Spotify Wrapped

Anyway, this time is without a doubt the best for all the music enjoyers out there, as everyone is together during all the festivities that occur, which makes it that much more enjoyable. But what about the artists themselves, that make the soulful music for you to listen to? How do they get to participate in the festivities of this amazing Spotify Wrapped 2023 season?

Of course, other than the extraordinary fact that other people from around the globe are connecting with the art that they have procured through their deepest and vulnerable places in themselves and feel a sense of relatability with it. Well now, Spotify is letting artists record videos and offer other unique perks to exacerbate their connection with their biggest fans.

When is Spotify Wrapped going to come

Well as it is, Spotify hasn’t released the exact official date of when it will drop but if an artist wants to make a video that will show on their biggest Fans Wrapped, they should upload the video message before Nov 15. In other words, Wrapped is just around the corner, and while the fans are waiting, artists should act up.

What artists should do to prepare for Spotify Wrapped 2023?

If you are an artist, this question may arise in your mind, if I’m providing them with music they love, why should I top that with giving extra perks? Well, the obvious answer is that would make your fan base grow stronger and make it almost sure that they spend their money to get concert tickets, merch, and vinyl.

Well, at least that is what the data suggests. According to Spotify in 2022, Wrapped was by far the most successful week for merch sales ever. And the new and much inclusion this time is that they are allowing the artists to offer their hardcore fans a special discount on their merch, and have it signed for them, so that they, even if they haven’t met their favorite personality, they feel connected to them in a way.

Wrapped is Dropping very soon, So Get Ready:

To prepare your artist profile for a foray of activity, Spotify recommends that you start working on it now. Firstly, add your socials and the description of your future endeavors so that the fans know everything about it beforehand. Additionally, make a playlist of your favorite tracks that you can share with fans.

As there is a change in Spotify Wrapped 2023, there are also certain changes in royalty program. Dig out what’s there in the Royalty Program Amendments that took users and Artists by surprise.


That’s it for this blog on Spotify wrapped 2023. If you find this article useful then you can find more interesting news like Spotify Royalty Program Update and Spotify Video Podcast a New Feature.

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