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Spotify PC is the best option anyone have when it comes to having a music streaming platform in their PC. The features it provides you on any device you use it on, especially PC, makes it the standalone music streaming application to have on your PC. In this article, we have given you detailed information on Spotify PC.

Download Spotify for PC, Windows 7,8,10,11
App NameSpotify
DeveloperDaniel Ek & Martin Lorentzon
Size70 MB
Latest Versionv1.2.19.941
Available forPC, iOS, Android
Source: Play Store

What is Spotify for PC?

Spotify is one of the top music platforms in the world. Spotify has a total of 11 million artists and creators. It has a diverse library of songs and podcasts. Spotify for PC is the desktop version of this app that provides users with all the mobile features and many extra features that come exclusively with Spotify for PC.

Features of Spotify for PC

We have provided some of the features that are most used when someone accesses Spotify for PC, if you want an in detail description of the features that Spotify for PC provides, you can click here to go to our main page.

Extreme Audio Quality

Audio quality is one thing that plays a key role in improving the listeners’ experience. If you listen to your favorite song in low quality, you will probably not like it that much. That’s why Spotify gives its users the best audio quality that is 320 kb/sec.


Spotify also has a radio option which users can listen to when they do not have an internet connection. The radio songs are shuffled daily and you can also customize the radio, so you don’t have to worry about listening to the same old songs.

News & updates

You can also know about all the upcoming songs and concerts of your favorite artist by going on their profile. Moreover, you can also buy the tickets directly from Spotify. It really helps in keeping the user up to date.

Your Library

In Spotify for PC you can see all your liked songs, playlist, albums and your song history by going to your library. It is a really helpful feature which keeps a check on user activity so that the user can access their Spotify history easily. 

Daily Mix

In Spotify you can see all your liked songs, playlist, albums and your song history by going to your library. It is a really helpful feature which keeps a check on user activity so that the user can access their Spotify history easily. Spotify for PC also provides you a list of your favorite and most heard songs over the year, this wrapping feature of Spotify is surely gives users a nostalgic feel and a reminder of what one used to love to listen.

Personalized Queue

Users can also personalize their queue, they can either add or remove a song from their queue, they can even change the sequence of the song. It really helps users in personalizing their choice.

How to download and install Spotify on PC?

We have provided you with two procedures using which you will be able to download Spotify for PC easily. The First Method is for those who have Microsoft Store available on their PC. But if you don’t have Microsoft Store, worry not as the Second Method is primarily for you.

First Method (Microsoft Store)

Step 1

Go to your Microsoft Store, and on the search bar, search for Spotify.

Step 2

Once it’s there, click to open the Spotify icon and download the app from here.

Step 3

After its downloaded, simply click on it to open it. Configure the settings, and you are all ready to use the best Music Streaming Platform.

Second Method

Step 1

Firstly, go to your PC browser and search for ‘Spotify’, after searching click on the top website.

Step 2

After opening their website, go to the download page by clicking on the download icon on the menu bar.

Step 3

Then click on ‘download directly from Spotify’ for downloading it directly through their website.

Step 4

After downloading, go to your downloads and click on the download file then a popup will appear, click on install for installing Spotify for PC.

Step 5

 Then, simply open the Spotify app through your desktop and use the Spotify on your PC.

System Requirements for Spotify for PC

Operating SystemWindows 7 or Above
RAM4GB or Higher
Storage Space70 MB
PermissionsLocation, Wi-Fi, Phone Storage & Contacts
Updated OnOctober 24, 2023

What’s New?

Bugs Fix: Users were facing some bugs in the previous version of Spotify that were fixed in the latest version so users can use this app without any inconvenience.

Errors: there were some reports on errors being popped at some places that have now been resolved, the latest version of Spotify has no such errors.

Sort filters and files: In the Spotify for PC all the data like documentaries, music files and podcasts can now be sorted and filtered. These sorted files can be categorized differently as recently played or alphabetically.

Make sure to turn your updates on as Spotify is always adding some little improvements for the users, so make sure to not miss them out.


Yes, it is completely safe to use Spotify on PC, whether you download it from their official website or Microsoft Store, they are both completely safe to use.

If you have downloaded it using the second method, you will need to update it manually. You will need to delete the current version you have, and download it from scratch by following the second method provided above.

If you have downloaded it from the Microsoft Store, just go to Microsoft Store and search for Spotify and update it from there.

Yes, just like on mobile you can subscribe to the Spotify Premium on the pc and use all its premium features.

No, the Spotify’s PC version has less features compared to the Mobile version. Even then Spotify has the most features when it comes to a music streaming platform on PC.

Final Words

That’s all for Spotify PC we hope that it will be helpful for the users if they are facing any problem in downloading the Spotify on their PC. Make sure to check out our other guides if you are having any problem with using Spotify.

If you wanna use all the premium features of Spotify for free make sure to check the Spotify Mod APK on our website. It is totally free to download and use.

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