Spotify Royalty program latest updates: Critics and users on same page

We are back with Spotify royalty program latest updates. Spotify is planning to make changes to its royalties model from this year onward, according to the report by Billboard and Music Business Worldwide (MBW). The generated plans also impact artists who don’t generate significant streaming numbers, accusations of fraudulent activity, and anyone who uploads white noise or nature sounds.

spotify royalty program

Changes in Royalty Program

The first change that Spotify is bringing with this new royalties model, is for a track to hit a certain minimum number of annual streams before it starts generating royalties. Along with that, in this same commencement, which is not yet official, it is reported that tracks that receive 0.5% of the streamer’s overall royalty pool will be demonetized.

According to MBW, the same money paid out that hit the mark and redistributed through Spotify’s Stream Share royalty pot.

Another change that shifts the whole game, is that now there will be financial penalties waiting for those music distributors whose uploaded content will be marked or flagged for fraudulent activity.

Some minor changes include that the non-music ‘noise’ tracks more white noise and nature sound will be required to have longer play times for them to generate royalties, though the exact duration has not announced yet. Also the criteria haven’t been announced yet, which will be the base to determine whether a song falls into this category.

Opinions on Royalty Model Update

A Spotify spokesperson reached out to, to shed some light on the ongoing reported changes and they stated that:

” All the changes that were brought before and all the changes that come after will always and were always made by keeping in mind how it affects listeners and artists at the same time, and also we try to look for ways to further enhance the integrity of the streaming platform, and now we don’t have anything much to share”

The United Musicians and Allied Workers union also had this to say about the ongoing situation, when they asked on today’s news, their exact words were:

“Artists have a solution to fix streaming and Spotify isn’t up for listening.”

Talking about it further on their social media, they added:

“Instead of making changes from whom the working musicians will benefit, the changes lately that have been made by looks like were made to make the rich even richer, without having a thought how it will benefit those working musicians from streaming.”

The Future of Music Coalition added:

“This completely changes how Spotify pitched when it was first introduced, as a level playing field, which will not put one track above another, but with each coming change, they seem to be drifting away from that pledge.”


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