Spotify vs Amazon Music: Let’s dig out who’s best

We know that you are inquisitive about Spotify vs Amazon Music comparison. Music streaming is trending nowadays. It allows us to enjoy our favorite music at any time from any device at any place. Nowadays, almost every person uses different music streaming apps to listen their favorite music. When it comes to music streaming, then there are two big names which comes in our mind. And they are Spotify and Amazon Music. Both of these apps facilitate us with tons of features and user experience that attracts different types of music lovers.

In this article we will make a comparison between these two music streaming apps.

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a popular music streaming app which allows us to access a large number of songs, podcasts and other audio content from all over the world. It is music streaming app, which means you cannot download any music app from this app. It has almost 100M+ songs, around 5M Podcasts and 350,000+ audiobooks. Furthermore, it has also an offline mode in which you can download your favorite music and playlists for offline listening. And it also allows us to share our favorite songs and playlists with our friends.

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Features of Spotify

  • It has a vast library which has almost 100M+ music & songs
  • You can also create your custom playlists
  • Along with music, you can also listen podcasts on spotify.
  • Premium subscribers can download their favorite music for offline listening.
  • It has lyrics display which allows user to sing along while understanding the lyrics.
  • It has an artist page where you can get latest releases and related artists.
  • Wrapped playlist at year end.
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What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a music streaming app which is operated by Amazon Company. It was launched in 2007 and got a sudden rise. It has a wide range of music which consists of almost 100 million songs. Furthermore, you can also listen podcasts and audio books on amazon music. Amazon music is available in almost every country and region allowing the users to access their favorite music internationally. For premium services, it has different packages like student packages and family packages. And if we talk about audio quality, it provides has the different categories like standard and high definition (HD) audio.

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Features of Amazon Music

  • Access to huge library of songs and albums over the internet.
  • You can download your favorite music for offline listening.
  • Voice Control: you can control the music player by voice commands.
  • You can synchronize lyrics display for many songs.
  • You can customize your playlists according to your taste and interest.
  • You can also access various podcasts on amazon music.

Spotify vs Amazon Music : Key Differences

Here are some Key Differences that separate Spotify from Amazon Music.

FeaturesSpotifyAmazon Music
ReleasedIt was released in 2008It was released in 2007
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows and macOSAndroid, iOS, Windows and macOS
PodcastsOffers us a selection of podcastsWe can access the podcasts on different topics
Exclusive ContentOccasionally offers exclusive contentOffers many exclusive content and live performances
Offline ListeningOffers offline listeningOffers offline listening
Global AvailabilityAvailable in many countries worldwideAvailable only in some selective countries

Spotify vs Amazon Music: Pros and Cons

Now, we will talk about the pros and cons of these two apps i.e., Spotify and Amazon Music.

Pros and Cons of Spotify


  • Ability to listen music and stream videos completely free.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Cool social features
  • Free access to entire library of free music
  • It will suggest new music according to your taste
  • Customized Playlists


  • Low music quality than the amazon music
  • Disturbing ads in free version
  • Limited skips in free version

Pros and Cons of Amazon Music


  • High audio quality in the premium version
  • Works great with amazon apps line Amazon Echo
  • You can also access HD and Ultra HD audio versions
  • Three months free trial version
  • Tight integration with amazon devices and family.


  • Only available in numerous countries
  • No Video Content
  • Difficult to use interface
  • No Live Streams


Yes, Spotify provides us free version but with ads in it. (You want it without ads but free of cost? Then let us help you with Spotify Mod version to access all the paid features for free)

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time within the app and their website.

Amazon prime music offers limited music available for amazon prime members. And Amazon music Limited offers a larger library with almost all types of songs and music.

Yes, Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can download songs within the app and then the user can play them offline.


To make a comparison between Spotify and Amazon Music is not easy. Both of these apps provide almost same functions. The most important thing is about user preference. If we talk about spotify, it is better for people with limited budget, as if we are in free version, we can still access almost all type of music. On the other hand, Amazon Music is very high sound quality music app with three months free trial. If you prefer high quality audio then you Choose Amazon Music.

But the choice is yours which is based upon your preference. You can always read out Spotify compared with other music streaming platforms by visiting our Comparison page and be sure , it will be a worthwhile read.

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