Spotify vs Resso: Find out who’s going to be your music app

There are plenty of music streaming apps in the market and all over the internet which brought change in the way people listen to music. Now with the help of these music streaming apps, you can access all types of songs with just simple clicks on your fingertips. The most well-known music streaming apps in the world of music are Spotify and Resso. In this article we will discuss Spotify vs Resso in detail.

Both of these apps are unique in features and provide different varieties of songs that we usually listen to. But each of the apps has its own features and limits which make these apps different from each other.

spotify vs resso

In this article, we will make an in-depth comparison between these two popular music streaming apps. So, you can read this article and after that, you will be able to select the app of your requirements.

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What is Spotify?

If we talk about Spotify, is the most popular global music streaming app in the world. It has over 500 million active users. That’s why it’s said to be mostly used for music streaming apps. It was launched in October 2008 and in a small period of time. It got fame and made a high place in the music market. If we talk about playlists, it has more than 4 billion playlists in its database.

And the other best thing about this application is its interface. If you’re a new user of Spotify, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Because its interface is so user-friendly that a new user can easily understand it. Furthermore, it has a powerful social media integration which is also the reason for the popularity of this app.

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What is  Resso?

Resso is the newly launched music streaming app that was launched in 2019. It is owned by the company name ByteDance. This is the same company that is the owner of TikTok. If we talk about rest, it has its own unique features and tools that make this app unique from others.

Resso have a powerful social media integration, you can share your songs and playlists on different social media platforms and also it has its own social community within the app. You can follow by creating your own profile and also it has a feature named “Stories” in which you can share your ideas and thoughts with people on that app.

In resso, there is a special feature called “Vibes” which suggests music according to your choice and taste of music which makes this app easier to use for every user. But the bad thing about this app is, it is available only in limited countries. So not every person can use this app to stream music

Spotify vs Resso : Key Differences

Here are some Key Differences that separate Spotify from Resso.

Music LibraryOver 100 million SongsExtensive Music Library
Premium SubscriptionYesYes
Offline ListeningYes (But in Premium Subscription)Yes (But in Premium Subscription)
PlaylistsCustomized and Discover WeeklyPersonalized Playlists
PodcastsExtensive collection of podcastsLimited collection of podcasts
Social IntegrationYesYes
Family PlanSpotify Premium FamilyResso Premium Family

Spotify vs Resso: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons are one of the main factors that will decide the winner of the comparison, Spotify vs Resso. So, now let’s talk about the pros and cons of these two apps, i.e., Spotify and Resso.

Pros and Cons of Spotify



  • Disturbing Ads on free trial
  • Monthly Subscription Cost is High
  • Limited Sound Quality options
  • Limited Skips in free trial

Pros and Cons of Resso


  • Affordable Premium Subscription
  • Built-in Lyrics Display
  • Social features to connect with people
  • Offline Listening (Premium)
  • Personalized Playlists
  • Easy-to-use and attractive Interface
  • Available on Google Play Store & Apple Store


  • Limited Music Library
  • Limited Podcasts
  • Variation in Sound Quality
  • Limited Radio Features


Yes, you can access and listen to thousands of podcasts on Spotify.

No, we can’t use Resso on the PC. Resso is only available for Android and iOS devices

Yes, eligible students can reduce their subscription fee in student discount.


Thats it for this blog on ‘Spotify vs Resso’ in summary, Spotify would be the best option for most of the users. Because Spotify has a huge music catalog and a strong brand reputation, users can listen songs offline in Spotify. Moreover, it is available in more than 200 countries.

However, resso brings new innovations and new stunning features which are not available in other music streaming apps which make this app unique from others and make it a competitor of these apps. And if you prefer high-quality sound and music then you should consider Resso as your choice, because it provides us with higher-quality sound than Spotify. And one bad thing about resso is, that it is only available in limited countries. So, you can’t use this application in most of the countries.

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